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Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider [song lyrics]


Song lyrics to Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider (1903) Music by Eddie Munson, Lyrics by Eddie Leonard, performed in Babes in Arms

In the region where the roses always bloom
Breathing out upon the air their sweet perfume
Lives a dusky maid I long to call my own
For, I know my love for her will never die
When the sun am sinking in that Golden West
Little robin red breast gone to seek their nests
And I sneak down to that place I love the best
Ever’y evening there along I sigh

Ida! Sweet as apple cider
Sweeter than all that I know
Come out! In the silv’ry moonlight
Of love we’ll whisper, so soft and low!
Can’t you hear me calling?
Seems as tho’ can’t live without you
Listen, my, honey do! Doody do!
Ida! I idolize ya
I love to love you, Ida, ‘deed I do


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