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I Fear Nothing [song lyrics]


Song lyrics to I Fear Nothing, Written by Lester Lee and Bob Russell, Sung by Lou Costello in Jack and the Beanstalk

I fear nothing when I am in the right!
Who ever pushes me around will find me full of fight!
I fear nothing when I do nothing wrong
And so I toddle on my way and sing a merry song!

I’ll be defiant and be obstreperous
If any giant should try and salt-and-pepper us!
And I’ll rise up, up to my fullest height
‘Cause I fear absolutely nothing when I’m in the right!

A man believes what he believes
And by these principles a man must stand
A time will come for rolled-up sleeves
And it might help to have a fist on hand!

If I believe that I am right
There’s only one thing to be done
I don’t go looking for a fight
But I have never run away from one!

But only fools will take a dare
And there are things that only fools defy
If you smell trouble in the air
I’ll hold my breath until the breeze blows by!

I’ll snort defiance like some rhinoceros
Afraid of giants, now, isn’t that preposseros!
I find courage a thing of great delight!
Sing fee-dilly-ay and fee-dilly-aye with steady hand and steely eye!

I fear nothing when I am in the right!


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