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Good Neighbor song lyrics


Song lyrics to Good Neighbor – Music and Lyrics by Roger Edens, performed in Panama Hattie by Red Skelton, Rags Ragland, Ben Blue

Red Skelton:Franklin D signed a decree
Starting the good neighbor policy

Rags Ragland:That mean that we have to be pals
With all you Central American gals

Ben Blue:

Do we rate? Don’t make us wait
You gals have got to cooperate.

Red Skelton:

So put all that high hat stuff on the shelf,

Red, Rags, Ben: And love thy neighbor as thyself …

Red Skelton: Whaddya say, neighbor? Can I be a good neighbor to you?
This is the way, neighbor, we can show what good neighbors can do …

Come on let’s get acquainted, as good neighbors really should
Come on and give in, be happy to live in this wonderful neighborhood.

[Red tap dances, girl dances]

Rags Ragland: [picking another girl]

How about you, patootie? Can I be a good neighbor to you?
If you will come through, patootie, we can make some sociable woo. Woo woo!
Shake hands with your Uncle Sammie
Let’s be bosom pals for good.
One and t’other we’ll love one another
In this lovely neighborhood.
[They dance, and join Red and his girl]

Ben Blue:

What’s it to be, amiga? Will you be an amiga to me?
Don’t you agree, amiga, that muchos amigos we’ll be?
Please don’t say “hasta mañana”, don’t say “adios” for good
Just say “Si, is” and amigos we’ll be in this wonderful neighborhood.
[They dance over to the others]

All three girls:

What do you say, neighbors? We want to be good neighbors to you.
We say, “Okay, neighbors,” here’s a cheer for the red white and blue. Yahoo!
[the guys’ hats fly off]
South of the Rio Grande, it is very much one as two,
No matter where we go, it’s “mochas amigo” in this lovely neighborhood!



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