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Doctor Dolittle [song lyrics]

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Doctor Dolittle [1967] starring Rex Harrison, Samantha Eggar, Anthony Newley, Richard Attenborough, Peter Bull
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Song lyrics to Doctor Dolittle, Written by Leslie Bricusse, Performed by Anthony Newley, William Dix and Ginny Tyler in the movie Doctor Dolittle

Matthew: This is the world of Doctor Dolittle –
The wonderful world of Doctor Dolittle –
Where crocodiles talk
And elephants sing
And animals do most any old thing;
Where polar bears wear top hats,
And leopards with spots wear spats.

Well, that’s life in the world of Doctor Dolittle.
Doves start to coo when they see Dolittle
He has a profound philosophy.
If animals can be friends, says he,
Well then, why can’t we?

Say “how-d’you-do” to Doctor Dolittle.
Life is a zoo to Doctor Dolittle,
Where antelopes lope
And ostriches fan –
And kangaroos do what kangaroos can
To make the hyenas laugh –
As long as a long giraffe.

Matthew & Stubbins: Every calf starts to moo when they see Dolittle.
Even the few who used to moo little.
For all of the birds and beasts agree
He has a profound philosophy –
And so why can’t we?

Yes, all of the birds and beasts agree
He has a proud philosophy-
And so why can’t we…..

Matthew: “Do little” things to help them –

Both: Why can’t we?

Matthew: G’night, Tom. sweet dreams!

Stubbins & the animals: This is the world of Doctor Dolittle –
A rare world that people get to view little –
Where penguins parade in black cravats –
An’ sabre-toothed tigers purr like cats
At yaks that relax an’ doze –
While hippos play dominoes……

Roosters crow from the moment they see Dolittle-
They used to cock-a-doodle-doo little!
The answer is not too hard to see –
If he can bring so much harmony,
Well then, why can’t we
“Do little” things to help him?

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