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Journey to the Seventh Planet

Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962) starring John Agar, Greta Thyssen

Synopsis of Journey to the Seventh Planet

Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962) starring John Agar, Greta Thyssen buy Journey to the Seventh Planet from amazon.com Journey to the Seventh Planet is a campy science fiction movie.  It’s set in the “distance future” of 2001. In this utopia, the United Nations now rules the planet, and poverty and war are gone.  Humanity now has the resources to explore their solar system. By this time, most of the solar system has been explored by humanity. Except for the seventh planet, Uranus. So a team is sent to explore …  But instead of a lifeless world, they find … a Danish village?

Review of Journey to the Seventh Planet

The crew on their Journey to the Seventh PlanetThe main problem with Journey to the Seventh Planet is that the story has been told a great many times. The underlying plot is that, on the Journey to the Seventh Planet, the crew pass out and lose some time.  While the captain (John Agar) hears a mysterious voice informing them of its’ nefarious intentions. When they land, they see a fantasy. What should be an uninhabitable world is quite hospitable, complete with a Danish village. The village is populated by various beauties.  Chief among them Greta Thyssen, that the men know or have dreamed about.

The rat cyclops monster in Journey to the Seventh PlanetIt turns out that an evil mind is controlling the planet.  It reads the men’s minds and projecting illusions to control them. Eventually, our intrepid crew pushes onward to a confrontation with it. Along the way, they confront their worst nightmares.  Including spiders and a giant cyclops rat.

In short, Journey to the Seventh Planet is an average movie.  It has some hammy acting and some beautiful eye candy.  Thanks to Greta Thyssen and the other beauties. I rate it two stars out of 5.

Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

Editorial review of Journey to the Seventh Planet, courtesy of Amazon.com

You Are in Space … Beyond Space! In futuristic 2001, the United Nations has sent a special team of scientists to explore Uranus. And what this interstellar crew discovers is a planet not unlike Earth- complete with a small Danish village filled with voluptuous women! But underneath the utopian veneer is a so powerful and so heinous that it’s using the crew’s memories against them so it can take their spaceship back to Earth – and conquer it! Wonderfully directed by cult producer, writer and director, Sidney W. Pink (Reptilicus, The Angry Red Planet) and featuring campy performances by John Agar (Invisible Invaders, Miracle Mile) and Greta Thyssen (Terror is a Man) with an amazing title song by Mitchell Tableporter (aka Teepee Mitchell). This Danish and American co-production is now considered to be one of the greatest cult classics of all time.


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