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Invasion of the Star Creatures

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Invasion of the Star Creatures
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Invasion of the Star Creatures (1961) is one of those movies that has a good premise, but a lousy execution.

Invasion of the Star Creatures is a science fiction comedy, where a pair of inept army privates (Robert BallFrankie Ray) stumble upon a pair of beautiful aliens from another planet (Gloria VictorDolores Reed) who are the advance guard to investigate the potential for an invasion of Earth. The aliens kidnap the rest of the heroes squadron, although the duo escape.  But they are pursued by the aliens’ giant, anthropomorphic carrots (seriously). The heroes escape, despite their best efforts, and go back to the base.  Where their commander plans to have them put in the guard house for being drunk.  Until they show them their Space Commander Connors ring and so the three of them go after the aliens.

Invasion of the Star Creatures

Along the way, they meet a group of Native Americans who speak no English, but also have the same ring, and offer to help which consists of getting them sick on a peace pipe, and drunk on a bottle of moonshine (think of Grannys jug from The Beverly Hillbillies) so the original two go off, accidentally launch the spaceship prematurely, ending the invasion.


The beautiful alien ladies are now stuck on Earth since their ship is now out of fuel.  They decide to marry the hapless privates because apparently, humans kisses are quite addictive.

The basic concept for a zany comedy isn’t bad but the two zany privates aren’t zany.  The pace is slow, and the props are just silly, not funny. The vegetable men’s costumes are so blatantly bad, a high school class could have done better; the paper mache boulders are obviously paper mache, and so on. The cinematography is bad; during a slapstick fight, where the alien women are literally slapping the heroes around, it is being shot from a distance, so we can’t see the reactions on any one’s faces.

I don’t recommend it unless you’re watching it late at night, with a bunch of friends, to make fun of it. I rate it two stars out of five.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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