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Invasion Of The Saucer Men

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Invasion Of The Saucer Men (1957) starring Frank Gorshin
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Invasion Of The Saucer Men (1957) starring Frank Gorshin

Adults won’t listen, and the other teenagers are busy making out – who can stop the Invasion Of The Saucer Men? One of those “so bad it’s good” movies.


The Saucer Men, in all their glory

Buy from Amazon I have to admit, when I was watching Invasion Of The Saucer Men for the first time, I kept asking myself if it was a spoof or parody. Nope! It’s just that bad. However, it’s unintentionally funny. Isn’t that Frank Gorshun as the opportunistic drunk who plans to get rich? With the corpse of the little green man the teenagers ran over? Why, yes! Yes, it is. And he’s one of the highlights of this bad movie.

Cheesy Goodness

  • The Saucer Men kill by …. intoxication? Their fingernails are hypodermic needles, that inject massive amounts of alcohol!
  • The Saucer Men’s hand, when severed …. Still goes around, killing people!

Cast of characters

Publicity photo of Joan being kidnapped in "Invasion of the Saucer Men"
  • Steven Terrell … Johnny Carter
  • Gloria Castillo (The Night of the Hunter) … Joan Hayden
  • Frank Gorshin (Batman the Movie) … Joe Gruen
  • Raymond Hatton (Day the World Ended) … Farmer Larkin. Don’t mess with his cow!
  • Lyn Osborn (The Amazing Colossal Man) … Artie Burns
  • Russ Bender (The Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow) … Doctor
  • Douglas Henderson (King Dinosaur) … Lt. Wilkins, USAF
  • Sam Buffington … Col. Ambrose – USAF
  • Jason Johnson … Detective
  • Don Shelton (Them!) … City Attorney Hayden. It’s good that he conveniently happens to be Joan’s father.
  • Scott Peters … USAF Sergeant with Bullhorn
  • Jan Englund … Diner Waitress

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A flying saucer lands in the woods and a teenage couple accidentally run down one of the aliens. A drunken opportunist stumbles across the alien’s corpse and he plans to store the body in his refrigerator. Other aliens soon arrive and when the teens return with the sheriff all they find is the man’s dead body. In the meantime the dead alien’s hand detaches itself from its host and runs amok.

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