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Cosmos: War of the Planets

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Cosmos: War of the Planets
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Cosmos: War of the Planets is an Italian science fiction movie from 1977, that has a decent idea that’s buried by poor costuming, effects, execution


Buried deep in Cosmos: War of the Planets is a good movie that struggles to get out. The underlying concept is that, in the future, Earth has created a monumental computer/artificial intelligence named WHIZ. Seriously. And, they’re relegating all of their decision-making to WHIZ. Except, of course, for one maverick space captain. He and his crew are sent to investigate mysterious messages coming from distant space.

After a lot of drama, they eventually land, and find that … On that distant planet, there’s another massive computer that the inhabitants of that planet have created, and given all decision-making and power to. Only, it’s been damaged by an alien attack. And has summoned our heroes to repair it, so it can launch attacks and rule the galaxy.

That’s the basic story, and something could have been done with it. But the pace is so slow, the acting’s wooden, the costumes and sets are ludicrous, etc. Which is too bad.


  • John Richardson (One Million Years B. C.) … Capt. Fred Hamilton
  • Yanti Somer (Avanti!) … Meela
  • West Buchanan … Richard Holden
  • Charles Borromel (Ladyhawke) … MacIntosh
  • Massimo Bonetti … Member of Hamilton’s Team
  • Romeo Costantini … Cmdr. Armstrong
  • Katia Christine … Greta
  • Daniele Dublino (Acts of the Apostles) … Jack
  • Giuseppe Fortis … Marseille
  • Percy Hogan … Dr. Max Wright
  • Eleonora King … Oko
  • Malisa Longo … Halla
  • Vassili Karis … Peter Segura
  • Aldo Canti … Etor

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