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Movie quotes from House of Wax

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Movie quotes from House of Wax (1953) starring Vincent Price, Phyllis Kirk, Carolyn Jones
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Movie quotes from  House of Wax (1953) starring Vincent Price, Phyllis Kirk, Carolyn Jones

Prof. Henry Jarrod: I’m afraid that the visit of such a distinguished critic may cause my children to become conceited. To you they are wax, but to me their creator, they live and breathe.

Prof. Henry Jarrod: Here we have two great lovers from the past. Cleopatra Queen Of Egypt and Marc Antony, their last meeting. You’ll recall that Antony believing Cleopatra to be dead killed himself with his own sword. When Cleopatra discovered what had happened, she quickly followed her lover.

Prof. Henry Jarrod: Here’s President Lincoln and his assassin John Wilkes Booth. One of my few concessions to the macabre.

Prof. Henry Jarrod: Here we have Joan Of Arc. A favorite subject of mine.

Prof. Henry Jarrod: People say they can see my Marie Antoinette breath, that her breast rises and falls, look at her eyes they follow you where ever you go.
Bruce Allison: You know her eyes do follow you.
Prof. Henry Jarrod: They’re made of glass mores the pity, the exact size and color of the originals, they’re inserted from inside by way of the hollow neck before the head is attached to the body
[looking at the figure of Marie Antoinette]
Prof. Henry Jarrod: forgive me my dear for discussing your intimate secrets, forgive me gentlemen I lose myself at times.
Sidney Wallace: Professor if people knew what you had inside these walls you couldn’t accommodate the crowds, what you need here is exploitation more advertising.
Bruce Allison: That’s what I’ve been telling him.
Prof. Henry Jarrod: I’m afraid my partner wouldn’t agree, he’s not happy here he wants to invest in something else, Mr. Wallace would you care to become a partner in this venture would you buy him out?
Sidney Wallace: I just might take you up on that if my lawyers approve and the price is right.
Prof. Henry Jarrod: With your help I could do wonders and I’d make any sacrifice.
Sidney Wallace: Unfortunately I’m leaving for Egypt I’m financing some excavations there, however I’ll be back in three months and I’ll be glad to discuss it then.

Cathy Gray: [Sue is helping Cathy get ready] Pull it tighter Sue, pull it tighter, I want a waist like Anna Held.
Sue Allen: If I pull it any tighter you’re not going to be able to breathe.
Cathy Gray: Oh that’s alright, I don’t need much breath anyway, as my late friend Matty used to say, if a girl don’t watch her figure the men won’t.
Sue Allen: Matty? Wasn’t that the man you were going to marry?
Cathy Gray: Yes but he hung himself instead.
Cathy Gray: Oh Matty was such a card.
Sue Allen: Well where’s your new friend going to take you tonight?
Cathy Gray: To the Hauffman House for dinner, then to Tony Pastors for the vaudeville show.
Sue Allen: That sounds like fun.
Cathy Gray: Oh yeah he’s a free spender alright, a little bit older than I like them, but awfully distinguished looking, I’m moving up
[stops and breathes in slowly]
Cathy Gray: , I’m moving up honey, no girl ever hits the jackpot till after she passes 14th street.

Prof. Henry Jarrod: Everything I ever loved has been taken away from me , but not you, my Marie Antoinette for I will give you eternal life.

Sgt. Jim Shane: [looking at the wax figure of Joan Of Arc who resembles Cathy Gray] That’s a copy of her face alright , but she didn’t look that way the night we saw her at Ma Flannigan’s rooming house.
Lt. Tom Brennan: Not so composed huh.

Prof. Henry Jarrod: [heavy with menace after Sue unwigs Cathy] You shouldn’t have done that my dear!

Prof. Henry Jarrod: Jarrod is dead. I’m a reincarnation.

Bruce Allison: They always want a body!

Sue Allen: It’s sort of a shock to see your head detached that way.

Scott Andrews: [to Sue, as they watch the can can dancers] You never saw a show like this in Provincetown!

Lt. Tom Brennan: You know, Shane, by the time this guy gets out of Sing Sing, this head will grow a long beard.

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