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The Astounding She Monster

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In The Astounding She Monster, a beautiful, radioactive, space alien intersects with gangsters kidnapping a young woman. A schlocky, cheesy monster movie.


In The Astounding She Monster, if the radiation doesn’t kill you — the boring narration will. Seriously.


  • Robert Clarke (The Man from Planet X)Dick Cutler. The geologist whose cabin the kidnappers burst into. the male protagonist.
  • Kenne Duncan (Night of the Ghouls) … Nat Burdell. Leader of the gang. Kidnapper, abusive to his alcoholic girlfriend. At one point, he threatens to cut off the pinkie of the kidnap victim, and mail it back to her father. Clearly, not a nice guy.
  • Marilyn HarveyMargaret Chaffee. The rich kidnap victim. The female protagonist.
  • Jeanne Tatum (Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow) … Esther Malone. The alcoholic gun moll. Why does she stay with a man who slaps her around? Why does she drink constantly? There’s no character development for anybody in the film, so we never find out.
  • Shirley KilpatrickThe She-Monster. The lovely, glowing, radioactive space alien. She kills everything she touches, including Cutler’s dog, a bear, Brad, Jeanne, and Nat.
  • Ewing Miles BrownBrad Conley. One of the gangsters, who wastes bullets shooting at the She Monster. And, dies from her radioactive touch shortly after.

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Hollywood gangsters kidnap a Beverly Hills socialite in her Cadillac convertible and whisk her off to a remote mountain cabin where a curvy “starlet” in a spandex spacesuit lands in her “white light’ spaceship to bring handsome leading man Robert Clarke a message and to heat up his hormones. One problem with this cosmic encounter–her touch is deadly! An Atomic Age cult classic that could have only come out of the Hollywood B-movie factory of the 1950s. If tough gangster dialogue, sleazy dames, petty crooks, rubber snakes, and Ed Wood films speak to you, this is the one!

Updated February 10, 2022

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