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The Wasp Woman


The Wasp Woman (1959) starring Susan Cabot, Philip Barry, Michael Mark, Fred Eisley, directed by Roger Corman

Synopsis of The Wasp Woman

The Wasp Woman. A cosmetics queen develops a youth formula from jelly taken from queen wasps. She suffers from unwanted side effects when exceeding the dosage.  It’s actually an interesting story, dealing with how society treats — and discards — people as they age.  It’s a story about ageism, wrapped in a science fiction/horror story.

Cast of The Wasp Woman

  • Janice Starlin (Susan CabotMachine-Gun Kelly).  The head of a cosmetics corporation.  She is the face of the company.  But as she ages, their sales keep slipping.  What won’t she do to recapture youth and beauty …. And save her company?
  • Bill Lane (Anthony EisleyHawaiian EyeJourney to the Center of Time).  The protagonist, one of Janice’s board members.  He’s legitimately concerned for her and the company.  And in love with Mary.
  • Mary Dennison (Barboura MorrisThe Haunted Palace).  Janice’s secretary, and friend.  She’s concerned that Janice is being swindled by Mr. Zinthrop.  To the point where she’s willing to take confidential papers.
  • Arthur Cooper (William RoerickAnother World).  The pipe-smoking, bow tie wearing, technical expert at the company.  He also seeks to protect Janice and breaks into Zinthrop’s office to read his notes.  A fatal mistake.
  • Eric Zinthrop (Michael MarkSon of FrankensteinAttack of the Puppet People).  A mad scientist — who really isn’t mad, or a traditional scientist.  


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