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The Screaming Skull

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The Screaming Skull
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In The Screaming Skull, after his first wife dies, Eric remarries Jenni. The two move to his family estate. There Jenni learns from the gardener that he believes the ghost of Marion, the first wife, still wanders the land. Disturbingly, she begins to hear screaming and sees skulls everywhere she goes. Jenni believes she may be going insane and contemplates committing herself.


In short, The Screaming Skull moves slowly, and seems reminiscent of several films. Less than halfway through the film, I was thinking of the movie Gaslight. And also, Rebecca. Unlike those films, this isn’t a classic. The movie doesn’t invest time in letting us care about the main characters. So, the audience isn’t invested, and frankly doesn’t care that much.

Cast of characters

  • John Hudson (Gunfight at the O.K. Corral) … Eric Whitlock. The husband, who brings his second wife home. A rather bland character, until the final 20 minutes.
  • Peggy Webber (Macbeth) … Jenni Whitlock. The new wife. A nice enough person, although high strung. And seeing skulls doesn’t help. She has been hospitalized at an asylum, after her parents deaths. Somewhat sympathetic.
  • Russ Conway (Sea-Hunt) … Reverend Edward Snow. A nice enough fellow. The local pastor, who, with his wife, comes to welcome the couple. And they keep an eye on Jenni throughout.
  • Tony Johnson … Mrs. Snow
  • Alex Nicol (The Wild Wild West) … Mickey. A young man, possibly mentally retarded. He’s very attached to the first Mrs. Whitlock. And still talks to her ghost.

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A newlywed couple returns from their honeymoon to the estate of the man’s late wife. The bride, a wealthy but extremely neurotic woman, uneasily settles into the home, walking the gardens of the estate that are meticulously kept by a strange gardener, following the wishes of the deceased woman. The new lady of the house is tormented by the sudden appearance of skulls throughout the house and grounds. Is it the deceased woman coming back to drive her away or are there more sinister motives behind the skulls?

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