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Prehistoric Women

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Prehistoric Women (1967) - Hammer Films
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Prehistoric Women (1967) – Hammer Films

Prehistoric Women (1967) - Hammer Films

Hammer Films, having made  One Million B.C., had all of these leftover sets — what to do with them? Make a very campy, rather silly, “Cavegirls in trouble” film, of course. It’s campy in the style of the 1960’s  Batman TV series, only with lots of girls in skimpy fur bikinis. Seriously.

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The beautiful Tigri (Laurette Luez) and her amazonian stone age friends are convinced that men are only good for one thing. When they capture some potential mates, Engor (Allan Nixon) resents his treatment and escapes. During the wild pursuit that follows they battle dragons, giants, and discover fire, all without messing up their hair or makeup. Tigri, impressed despite herself, agrees to marry the slightly smarter-than-average Engor, and the continuance of our species is assured.

Trivia for  Prehistoric Women

  • This was originally set to be the “A” feature on a double bill with The Old Dark House (1963), but after studio head James Carreras pronounced it not up to Hammer’s standards, it was edited down from its original 91-minute length and released as a support feature on a double bill with The Devil Rides Out (1968).
  • Shot in only four weeks using sets and costumes left over from One Million Years B.C. (1966), in order to offset the earlier film’s cost of 140,000 pounds.

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