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How to Make a Monster

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How to Make a Monster (1957) starring Robert H. Harris, Paul Brinegar
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In How to Make a Monster, master monster make-up man Pete is fired by the new bosses of American International studios. He then uses his creations to exact revenge.

How to Make a Monster (1957) starring Robert H. Harris, Paul Brinegar


  • Robert H. Harris (Bundle of Joy) … Pete Dumond. The makeup artist. His career is finished after his final film, Werewolf Meets Frankenstein. And He’s upset — to the point of homicide. Next, he uses his mind-controlling make up (no, seriously) to have the Teenage Frankenstein and Teenage Werewolf murder the new studio bosses. The audience almost feels sorry for him.
  • Paul Brinegar (Rawhide) … Rivero. Pete’s sycophantic, spineless, assistant. Who Pete murders towards the end of the film, thinking Rivero’s fear will make him talk.
  • Gary Conway (Burke’s Law) … Tony MantellTeenage Frankenstein. One of the mind-controlled dupes of Pete. He has no memory of the murders, but he has disturbing dreams and feelings …
  • Gary Clarke (Hondo) … Larry Drake–Teenage Werewolf. Replacing Michael Landon, doing a good job in the role.
  • Malcolm Atterbury (The Birds) … Richards. The older studio guard, who discovers Monahan’s body.
  • Dennis Cross (Mrs. Pollifax-Spy) … Monahan. The younger studio guard, who’s a wannabe detective. He gets killed for his initiative.
  • Morris Ankrum (Earth vs the Flying Saucers) … Police Capt. Hancock
  • Walter Reed (Superman and the Mole Men) … Detective Thompson
  • Paul Maxwell (Aliens) … Jeff Clayton. One of the new studio executives, and murder victim.
  • Eddie Marr (Rhapsody in Blue) … John Nixon. The other new studio executive — and murder victim.
  • Paulene Myers (The Sting) … Millie. The maid, knocked over by the Teenage Frankenstein after Clayton’s murder. She identifies him — actually, his makeup — to the police.

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