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Voice of the Whistler

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Voice of the Whistler (1945) starring Richard Dix, Lynn Merrick, James Cardwell
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Voice of the Whistler (1945) starring Richard Dix, Lynn Merrick, James Cardwell

Voice of the Whistler is an interesting mystery story. Unfortunately, it’s rather slow paced. Also, the ending is somewhat predictable.


In short, a rich industrialist is dying. A doctor gives him only a few months to live. He’s a sad, lonely man, with almost no friends. On a whim, he proposes to the doctor’s attractive nurse. She’s engaged to the doctor, and has been waiting four years for the marriage. The doctor wants to establish himself, so he can provide for a family. But, if she marries the dying man, she’ll inherit his fortune in a few months. Despite the doctor’s feelings …. She accepts!

Months later, against all odds, the terminally ill man is getting better. His wife is tired of living at their isolated lighthouse home, and is ready to leave. Then, her former fiancée arrives for a visit!

It’s a touch awkward. And then, the two men start a discussion of “the perfect murder”. The millionaire points out, step by step, how he could murder the man — and not get caught. Why would he do this? So the doctor can try to implement the plan, and get murdered in the attempt.

But the wife, and the millionaire’s best friend, have both seen him throw the corpse off the lighthouse to the rocks below. So much for the “perfect” murder …

Editorial review of Voice of the Whistler courtesy of Amazon

Wealthy industrialist John Sinclair (Richard Dix, Cimarron) seems to have it all, but he has no friends or loved ones. When he falls ill, he is sent away to the Great Lakes for vacation, but he has another episode and ends up at a clinic. There, he meets Joan (Lynn Merrick, The Blonde from Brooklyn), a nurse engaged to internist Fred Graham (James Cardwell, He Walked by Night). John is told he only has months to live and asks Joan to go away with him to Maine telling Joan he’d give her his entire fortune when he passes. Joan grudgingly agrees, telling her fiancé it will help their future. But when John regains his health and falls for Joan, their agreement changes, and Fred appears in Maine, wanting her back. Both men seem willing to do anything to keep Joan, including murder…

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