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Evelyn Prentice

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Evelyn Prentice (1934) William Powell, Myrna Loy, Una Merkel, Rosalind Russell - Mystery about a powerful attorney who doesn't realize his wife has gotten herself into some trouble.
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Evelyn Prentice (1934) starring William Powell, Myrna Loy, Una Merkel, Rosalind Russell

Synopsis of Evelyn Prentice

Evelyn Prentice is a mystery about a powerful attorney who doesn’t realize his wife has gotten herself into some trouble.  Will he lose his first case?  Will she have to reveal her role in a murder?

Product Description 

Coming off the phenomenal success of The Thin Man, William Powell and Myrna Loy team up again as husband and wife in this thrilling, courtroom heart-stopper. Supporting roles by comedienne Una Merkel and bombshell Rosalind Russell make it an unforgettable delight.

John Prentice (Powell) is a highly successful Manhattan defense attorney. His wife, Evelyn (Loy), loves him very much, and as members of New York’s high society, they enjoy an elegant and enviable lifestyle. But loneliness soon drives Evelyn into the arms of another, more romantic man. The affair is ended when the man blackmails Evelyn and is murdered. Another woman is accused of the crime and Evelyn begs John to defend her. He takes the case and for the first time in his career, it looks like John Prentice is going to lose. Then, just before the jury sends the other woman to the electric chair, Evelyn makes a startling confession. But the real shocker comes in the jury’s final verdict.


  • William Powell (Star of Midnight) … John Prentice
  • Myrna Loy (I Love You Again) … Evelyn Prentice
  • Una Merkel (On Borrowed Time) … Amy Drexel
  • Rosalind Russell (Auntie Mame) … Mrs. Nancy Harrison
  • Isabel Jewell (The Leopard Man) … Judith Wilson
  • Harvey Stephens (The Flight That Disappeared) … Lawrence Kennard
  • Edward Brophy (The Thin Man) … Eddie Delaney
  • Henry Wadsworth (Mark of the Vampire) … Chester Wylie
  • Cora Sue Collins … Dorothy Prentice
  • Frank Conroy (The Snake Pit) … Dist. Atty. Farley
  • Jessie Ralph (Double Wedding) … Mrs. Blake

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