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Fathom (1967), starring Raquel Welch, Anthony Franciosa

Fathom is supposed to be a parody of the spy genre.  However, it isn’t.  It’s simply an excuse for the shapely Raquel Welch to change from a red swimsuit to a skydiving suit to a lime bikini, skin-tight outfit with cleavage window, to another swimsuit.

Raquel Welch may have become an actress, but there’s no evidence of her acting ability here.  Her performances are wooden.  The plot of the movie deals with her playing Fathom (an odd name that gets played with multiple times).  She’s a sky diver, who’s talked into helping one person to retrieve a nuclear device.  Which turns into a stolen Chinese artifact, according to a second person.  Then a third.

Unless you’re a fan of watching Raquel Welch in a swimsuit, you can safely ignore this movie.

Editorial review of Fathom courtesy of Amazon.com

A certain lime-green bikini reaches icon status in Fathom, clinging as tightly to Raquel Welch as those phagocytes that attacked her in Fantastic Voyage. Raquel was the reigning sex goddess of the moment, which is all you need to know about Fathom, an otherwise extremely silly example of proto-Austin Powers spy spoofery. She’s a poster come to life, and the movie is geared around her ’60s outfits (a purple-and-cornflower ensemble is particularly stupefying), her orange-peach lipstick, and the way her hair seems perfectly in place even after a high-speed boat chase. Sadly, Raquel’s dialogue delivery is as stiff as her brunette mane, but the movie perks up when she is chased around by an angry bull, a sequence that may have you wondering whether you ate some bad cheese. By the way, her character is a dental assistant, visiting Spain as part of a skydiving troupe. Enjoy! –Robert Horton


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