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The Rescuers (1977) starring Bob Newhart, Eva Gabor
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The Rescuers (1977) starring Bob Newhart, Eva Gabor

In The Rescuers, two mice respond to a call for help from a kidnapped young girl, Penny. She can talk to animals, and the kidnapper plans to use that ability to get the world’s largest diamond. But can two small mice help? Even with the aid of other animals?


In short, The Rescuers is one of the great children’s movies. Can two small mice help a young girl in need? One of them’s only a janitor. Can he help? Will the lovely, sophisticated Miss Bianca help him see that he’s more than he realizes? Well, of course. But the journey to that point’s the fun.

But it’s not all fun. The villainess Madam Medusa is quite dark for a Disney cartoon, and quite threatening. As are her alligators.

It’s one of those movies where everything works together beautifully. The voice acting, the beautiful animation, the great interactions between the characters. Characters who grow, and whom the audience cares for, and root for. Truly well done.

Penny: We – Hi. Where’d you come from?
Bernard: We found the bottle with-with your message, and we’ve come to rescue you.
Penny: Did you hear that, Teddy? Our bottle worked! [looks confused] Didn’t you bring somebody big with you? Like the police?
Bernard: Uh, no. There’s just, uh – the two of us.
Miss Bianca: But if the three of us work together and we have a little faith…
Penny: That’s what Rufus said: “Faith makes things turn out right.”

Product Description 

Penny needs to be rescued in "The Rescuers"a

From Walt Disney’s original team of legendary master animators who brought you THE JUNGLE BOOK comes a thrilling adventure and timeless tale overflowing with action, suspense, and extraordinary little heroes you can’t help but love! Join the shy but brave mouse Bernard and his glamorous partner Miss Bianca — two tiny heroes on a great big mission to save a young girl named Penny who has sent an urgent call for help! Taking off on the wings of their trusted albatross friend Orville, Bernard and Bianca soar to the marshy swamp of Devil’s Bayou.

There, they find themselves on the riverboat hideout of the hilariously evil Madame Medusa, who needs Penny to retrieve the world’s largest diamond! But before Bernard and Bianca can bring Penny safely home, they’ll have to enlist the help of some spirited local swamp critters in order to outwit Medusa … and outrun her pet crocodiles Nero and Brutus. Featuring the unforgettable voice talents of Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor, as well as Oscar(R)-nominated music, THE RESCUERS is high-flying fun you’ll want to share with your family again and again!

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