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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy DVD cover
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005), starring  Martin Freeman, Mos Def,  Sam Rockwell,  Zooey Deschanel Here’s the absolutely hysterical, wonderfully wild, cosmic adventure comedy THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. Based on Douglas Adams’ worldwide best-selling novel, and starring an outrageous intergalactic cast. This is one ride...
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The Super Hero Squad Show

The Superhero Squad Show, volume 1
The Super Hero Squad Show, volume 1 I have to admit that The Super Hero Squad Show is a guilty pleasure.   For the kids, it’s a combination of action and comedy.   For us adults, however, it’s much better — €”especially if you grew up on Marvel...
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Alias Jesse James

Alias Jesse James, starring Bob Hope and Rhonda Fleming
A very funny Bob Hope movie, set in the American old west, with Bob Hope playing an inept insurance salesman.  He’s sold a life insurance police to Jesse James, and now needs to keep him alive.  But Jesse James has other plans …. Culminating in a big gun...
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Avanti! (1972) starring Jack Lemmon, Juliet Mills, directed by Billy Wilder
Avanti! (1972) starring Jack Lemmon, Juliet Mills, directed by Billy Wilder In short, Avanti! is Hollywood excusing adultery. Seriously. The synopsis is as follows:
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Call Me Bwana

Call Me Bwana (1963) starring Bob Hope, Anita Eckberg, Edie Adams, Lionel Jeffries
Call Me Bwana (1963) starring Bob Hope, Anita Ekberg, Edie Adams, Lionel Jeffries Call Me Bwana begins with Bob Hope as Matthew Merriwether. He’s supposedly a famous African  game hunter living in a luxurious penthouse in Manhattan. Where, despite the Africa-themed decor, the audience soon realizes that he’s...
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The Muppet Show Joel Grey

The Muppet Show - the great Gonzo and Joel Grey in Razzle Dazzle
The Muppet Show, guest-starring Joel Grey, Rowlf and Miss Piggy in ‘Sherlock Holmes and the case of the missing clues’, music includes ‘Cabaret’, ‘Comedy Tonight’, ‘Razzle Dazzle’ and ‘Pachalafaka’
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Make Mine Mink

Make Mine Mink, starring Terry-Thomas
Make Mine Mink(1960) starring Terry Thomas Make Mine Mink —  a farce about some middle-aged people who decide to break up their boring lives by …  Stealing minks, and donating the proceeds to charity. Starring Terry Thomas
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No Time for Sergeants

No Time for Sergeants, starring Andy Griffith
No Time for Sergeants (1958) starring Andy Griffith Technically, No Time for Sergeants is Don Knotts first movie.   However, his time on-screen is very brief. He plays a neurotic Army officer who gives Andy Griffith’s character, Will Stockdale, one of his tests.   As a consolation, however,...
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The Iron Petticoat

The Iron Petticoat movie poster, starring Bob Hope and Katherine Hepburn
The Iron Petticoat (1956) starring Bob Hope, Katherine Hepburn — €“ a Cold War comedy that’s short on the comedy Synopsis of The Iron Petticoat Set in the midst of the Cold War, Soviet pilot Vinka Kovelenko (Katherine Hepburn) defects to the West, despite her devotion to Communism,...
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