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Kim Possible -what’s the sitch Wade?

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Kim Possible
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Kimberly Ann Possible (better known as Kim Possible) is the title character from Disney’s animated television series Kim Possible.

Kim Possible debuted in the series opening episode in June 2002, and starred in all 65 episodes of Season 1-3. After the presumed end of the series at the end of the third season, she made her Season 4 debut in an episode broadcast exclusively over the Disney Channel website in February 2007, returned to Disney Channel on the 10th of February.

Kim Possible is a high school student and freelance hero. Unlike most cartoon heroes, Kim Possible has no secret identity. Her classmates, family and teachers are aware of her work.   At school, she is cast as one of the “popular kids,” € head of the cheerleading squad and a straight-A student.

Kim Possible

Kim Possible’s first and last name is a pun on the word impossible. As is her sidekick’s name, Ron Stoppable (unstoppable) . She is voiced by Christy Carlson Romano. A Disney’s Behind The Ears documentary revealed that Kim’s also based upon her (in both appearance and interests)

Kim Possible history

Kim Possible is a high school student at Middleton High School (city unrevealed) in the United States of America.   She unintentionally began her career as a freelance hero / secret agent when she wanted to earn extra money babysitting. She set up her website,, with the slogan I can do anything … When she was mistakenly contacted by a reclusive millionaire who was trying to contact Team Impossible, and Kim Possible (with her sidekick, lifelong best friend, and eventual boyfriend Ron Stoppable) rescues him instead, leading her into a series of adventures of helping people and saving the world from a rogues gallery of villains.

Personality of Kim Possible

Kim Possible is extremely confident, a family trait. One of her father’s commonly repeated statements is “Nothing is impossible for a Possible”.  Her confidence would be arrogant if it were not balanced by other aspects of her personality.   Indeed, one of her fellow cheerleaders, Bonnie Rotwieller, reflects what Kim Possible could have become.   Kim Possible is bright and cheerful, as well as compassionate.   She is also is extremely competitive, which tends to come to the fore when other people appear to do things better than she herself can. Such as Ron being a better cook, or outperforming her when they were both working at Bueno Nacho.   Kim Possible is a perfectionist, which leads her to occasionally expect overly-high standards of others.

As a teenage girl, Kim Possible has all of the normal attributes of a teenage girl. Including insecurities about dating, and being embarrassed by her parents and fighting with her siblings.   She tends to puppy-dog-pout when not getting her way (a running gag through the series is to have enemies mock this), and have a very strong desire to fit in, which has been used against her by her enemies.   Kim Possible has a tendency to be worried about appearance.

Self image

She is often overly concerned about her image and the way in which others see her, going so far as to extend these anxieties to others (primarily Ron) even though they do not necessarily feel the same way.   Kim Possible has a tendency to succumb to peer pressure. This is something she never really manages to overcome until the very end of the third season. And she is often unable to see beyond first appearances, or deeper than other people’s defense mechanisms.

This forms the foundations of much of Kim’s rivalry with Bonnie, who is similarly competitive and concerned about appearances.   Often this rivalry demonstrates the negative side to Kim’s competitive nature, including incidents when she has engaged in tit-for-tat revenge or one-upmanship, and when she has competed purely because she doesn’t want Bonnie to succeed.

Due to her type A personality, Kim Possible also has a strong tendency to become frustrated, impatient or insecure when faced with a field in which she does not instantly excel. This tendency is often made more notable by the fact that these fields are ones in which either the often inept Ron or the immature Tweebs excel. Examples of such fields include cooking, video games, car mechanics, and working at Bueno Nacho during the first season.

She is also very protective of her boyfriends or friends.   She always stands up for Ron Stoppable, Josh Mankey (standing up against Ron’s insults) and in the movie So the Drama she is more than willing to test out a very dangerous experimental suit to save her then-boyfriend Erik. In So The Drama, it was confirmed by the villainous Dr. Drakken that Kim Possible had a weakness for handsome boys, which Drakken exploited by creating the synthodrone Erik. In fact, Kim has demonstrated nervous, almost submissive behavior in regards to dating.

Kim Possible at School

Kim Possible is a naturally intelligent student (her mother is a brain surgeon, her father is a rocket scientist) who maintains a high GPA despite her adventurous lifestyle by using the time she spends traveling to and from missions to study, and by getting started on assignments as early as she can in case she is called away on a mission at the last minute (in contrast to Ron Stoppable). Because of this, it is only on rare occasions that her grades suffer or that she has problems with assignments.

Abilities of Kim Possible

Kim Possible is extremely athletic and has excellent reflexes that have been honed through years of cheerleading practice , allowing her to perform death-defying moves like somersaulting between laser beams, with little apparent effort.   For example, she is able to engage in hand to hand combat with the super-powered villainess Shego, despite Shego’s super powers, age and superior experience.   She is also highly skilled in martial arts, knowing 17 types of Kung-Fu.

Kim Possible is also a fast learner and is able to pick up new skills quickly and adapt to new situations as they arise. Among her many talents are various extreme sports; such as hang-gliding, skiing and rock climbing, and even shuttle piloting.

Kim Possible’s Friends and Family

  • Kim’s father, Jim Possible
  • Her mother, Ann Possible
  • Kim’s twin brothers, Jim and Tim Possible — €”the tweebs
  • Ron Stoppable
  • Wade Lode
  • Monique
  • Bonnie Rotweiler
  • Mr. Barkin

Kim Possible’s enemies

  • Dr. Drakken
  • Shego
  • Monkey Fist
  • Senor Senor Sr. (voiced by Ricardo Montalban)
  • Senor Senor Jr., aka. Junior

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