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Ruth Hussey

Another Thin Man (1939) starring William Powell, Myrna Loy

Another Thin Man

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In Another Thin Man, Nick and Nora (and their dog Asta) visit the estate of Colonel MacFay. He’s being threatened by a mysterious man wanting revenge for a past wrong. When MacFay is murdered, that man is the obvious suspect. Too obvious …

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The Uninvited (1944), starring Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey, Gail Russell

The Uninvited

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The Uninvited (1944), starring Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey, Gail Russell

Synopsis of The Uninvited

The Uninvited is a ghost story about a brother and sister. They buy a seaside house, and soon become involved in ghost hunting. And become involved in the life of a young woman who’s involved with the ghost.

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Flight Command, starring Robert Taylor, Ruth Hussey, Walter Pidgeon

Flight Command

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Flight Command (1940) starring Robert Taylor, Walter Pidgeon, Ruth Hussey, Red Skelton

I originally watched  Flight Command because it was one of Red Skelton‘s earliest movie roles — which is technically true; Red’s in the film as part of the Hellcats squadron, acting as the class clown, but he’s definitely a secondary character.  Flight Command is primarily about a brash young pilot, Alan Drake (played by Robert Taylor) who’s recruited straight out of college to join the premier squad of Navy Hellcats.  He has trouble fitting in at first, although the flight commander (played by a young and dashing Walter Pidgeon) tries to help — as does the commander’s wife (played by Ruth Hussey). There’s a suspected romantic triangle between Drake and the commander’s wife (which was only him trying to console her on the death of her brother) — but all turns out well in the end.

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Maisie, starring Ann Southern, Robert Young, Ian Hunter, Ruth Hussey


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Maisie (1939) starring Ann Sothern, Robert Young, Ian Hunter, Ruth Hussey

Synopsis of Maisie

 Down-on-her-luck showgirl Maisie Ravier takes a job at a dude ranch, falls in love with the foreman, meddles in a couple’s unhappy marriage, and rescues the foreman from a wrongful murder charge.

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