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Who's Minding the Mint? (1967) starring Jim Hutton, Walter Brennan, Dorothy Provine

Who’s Minding The Mint?

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In Who’s Minding the Mint? an honest employee at the U.S. Mint accidentally destroys $50,000! But he has a simple plan to replace the money, with nobody the wiser. But anything that can go wrong will – hilariously!

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Bachelor in Paradise, starring Bob Hope, Lana Turner

Bachelor in Paradise

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Bachelor in Paradise (1961), starring Bob Hope, Lana Turner

I have to admit, I recently enjoyed  Bachelor in Paradise on TCM, and found myself enjoying it very much. Bob Hope plays  Adam J. Niles, author of a series of books detailing the romantic life of the bachelor in a variety of foreign locales.  As the movie begins, he’s working on his latest volume in Italy. When he’s unexpectedly brought home, to deal with the issue of back taxes to the IRS.

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