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Them! starring James Arness, James Whitmore


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Them! (1954) starring James Arness, James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon

There are certain movie cliches, and the 1950’s is possibly best known for the science fiction “giant monster” movie (ie. Kaiju). It often served as a morality story, about the dangers of atomic energy, unexpected consequences, and fear of the future, using ordinary animals that have been mutated to giant size to tell the story. It’s been told many times since, but never better than in the first movie of its’ type, Them!

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Alias Jesse James, starring Bob Hope and Rhonda Fleming

Alias Jesse James

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A very funny Bob Hope movie, set in the American old west, with Bob Hope playing an inept insurance salesman.  He’s sold a life insurance police to Jesse James, and now needs to keep him alive.  But Jesse James has other plans …. Culminating in a big gun battle with cameos from virtually every western star of the day

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