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Hulk Vs. [Marvel 616 cartoon]

Hulk Vs. [Marvel 616 cartoon]

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Hulk Vs. (2009)

Hulk Vs. is a two cartoon slug fest, featuring the Jade Giant. In Hulk Vs. Thor, Loki brings the Hulk to Asgard to kill his step-brother. And, kills Bruce Banner in the process. In Hulk Vs. Wolverine, the same people who created Wolverine kidnap the Hulk, to erase his memory and turn him into their deadliest weapon.

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Planet Hulk (2010) starring Rick D. Wasserman, Lisa Ann Beley, Mark Hildreth, Liam O'Brien, Kevin Michael Richardson, Sam Vincent

Planet Hulk

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Review of the animated film Planet Hulk – where the Hulk is banished by his friends to deep space, and ends up leading a revolution against the Red King

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The Superhero Squad Show, volume 1

The Super Hero Squad Show

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The Super Hero Squad Show, volume 1

The Superhero Squad Show, volume 1

I have to admit that The Super Hero Squad Show is a guilty pleasure.   For the kids, it’s a combination of action and comedy.   For us adults, however, it’s much better — €”especially if you grew up on Marvel comics like I did.

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Next Avengers - Heroes of Tomorrow

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

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review of Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow(2008)

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow is set in a possible dystopian future of the Marvel Comics universe, where the  Avengers arch foe, the robotic Ultron, has succeeded in finally defeating the Avengers, killing most of them, and taking control of half of the planet.   Iron Man (Tony Stark), however, survived the initial attack. He manages to rescue the children of the Avengers and hide them away. He then raises them together as a family, training them as he thinks their parents would have. Preparing them for the day that Ultron finally tracks them down.

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