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Bedlam movie poster - Boris Karloff, Anna Lee


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Bedlam (1946)

written by: The Masked Reviewer

After a friend of the portly aristocrat Lord Mortimer (Billy House) dies in an attempted escape from Bedlam. In order to appease the angered aristocrat, Master George Sims (Boris Karloff)  throws a party for Lord Mortimer and his friends at the asylum with the inmates as entertainment.

Master George Sims (Boris Karloff): (  referring to the inmates. )
Ours is a human world. Theirs is a bestial world, with reason, or soul.
Some are pigs, those I let wallow in their own filth.  They’re animals. Some are dogs, these I beat.  Some are are tigers, these I cage.
Some like this one are doves-
Nell Bowen: I’ve seen enough!

Bedlam movie poster - Boris Karloff, Anna Lee

When the inmate known only as the Gilded Boy collapses while performing, Lord  Mortimer’s spirited protege Nell Bowen (Anna Lee) decides to fight for the inmates’ rights. While  Nell seeks the help from the law, Lord Mortimer and Master George Sims have arranged to have Nell locked up in bedlam herself. Now she must find a way to help the inmates from the inside, without becoming a madwoman herself.

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