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The Las Vegas Story

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The Las Vegas Story (1952) starring Victor Mature, Jane Russell, Vincent Price

In The Las Vegas Story, a casino owner’s been murdered, a diamond necklace is missing and a shady husband is suspected of the crimes. Then the police show up …

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The Comedy of Terrors

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The Comedy of Terrors (1963), starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone, Joyce Jameson

Synopsis of The Comedy of Terrors

The Comedy of Terrors is a hilarious horror spoof.  A funeral director, who is in arrears on his rent, aggressively pursues customers to bolster his business …  And the fact that they haven’t died yet doesn’t bother him at all!

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Return of the Fly

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The Return of the Fly (1959) starring Vincent Price, Bret Halsey

Synopsis of The Return of the Fly

Since the brilliant scientist of The Fly is dead, time skips forward 20 years to his now-adult son,  In The Return of the Fly, Phillipe seeks to recreate his father’s matter transporter.  He hopes to show the world that his father was a genius.  And to prove himself worthy of the love of a young woman.  But a corrupt “friend” betrays him, recreating the original accident.  Can an older Vincent Price save his nephew before it’s too late?

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Witchfinder General [Vincent Price]

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Witchfinder General (1968), aka. The Conqueror Worm, starring Vincent Price, Ian Ogilvy, Rupert Davies

Description of Witchfinder General

In Witchfinder General, a 17th-century British witch hunter during the time of Cromwell’s reign travels the English countryside.  Doing his dirty work for the strict purpose of lining his pockets. Completely taking advantage of the civil strife, he terrorizes people and bends them to his will. He forces confessions from “witches” until a military officer risks treason to seek revenge against him.

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Twice Told Tales

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Twice Told Tales (1963) starring Vincent Price, Sebastian Cabot, Beverly Garland, Richard Denning, Jacqueline de Wit

Twice Told Tales, is a three-part horror story anthology taken from the writings of Nathaniel Hawthorne, starring Vincent Price in all three.

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The Whales of August

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The Whales of August (1987) starring Lillian Gish, Bette Davis, Vincent Price, Ann Sothern

Synopsis of The Whales of August

The Whales of August – Summer in Maine: things are changing. Two elderly widowed sister share a seaside home there.  Whales no longer pass close to the shore as they did during the youth.  A home where they’ve summered for 50 years. Libby is blind, contrary, and seemingly getting ready to die. Sarah is attentive to her sister, worried about continuing to care for her, and half interested in an old Russian aristocrat who fishes from their shore. It’s the eve of Sarah’s 46th wedding anniversary. The Russian offers some fish he’s caught, Sarah invites him to dinner, and Libby gets her back up. Sarah wonders if it isn’t time to sell the place and find a home for Libby. What alternatives do old people have?

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House of the Long Shadows

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House of the Long Shadows (1983), starring Desi Arnaz Jr., Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing

Synopsis of House of the Long Shadows

In House of the Long Shadows, an American writer goes to a remote Welsh manor on a $20,000 bet: can he write a classic novel like “Wuthering Heights” in twenty-four hours? Upon his arrival, however, the writer discovers that the manor, thought empty, actually has several, rather odd, inhabitants.

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War-Gods of the Deep

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War-Gods of the Deep (1965) starring Tab Hunter, David Tomlinson, Vincent Price, Susan Hart, John Le Mesurier

War-Gods of the Deep is a delightful popcorn movie – not dreadfully deep, but eminently enjoyable. It deals with a trio (Tab Hunter, David Tomlinson, Susan Hart) staying at a manor on the  Cornish coast in 1903, where the house is burgled by … mermen? Who later proceed to kidnap the woman, sending the two men — and a chicken — in pursuit, where they find a group of smugglers, living deep beneath the sea, near an active volcano, and led by the iconic Vincent Price.

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House of Wax

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The House of Wax (1953) starring Vincent Price, Phyllis Kirk, Carolyn Jones


Vincent Price is well-known for playing the role of the sympathetic monster. And here, as a once-great artist named Jarrod, his hands ruined, confined to a wheelchair, he’s definitely sympathetic. And, literally with a tragic backstory.

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