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The Next Time I Marry (1935) starring Lucille Ball, Lucille Ball , James Ellison , Lee Bowman, Granville Bates

Next Time I Marry [Lucille Ball]

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Next Time I Marry (1938) starring Lucille Ball, James Ellison , Lee Bowman, Granville Bates

Synopsis of Next Time I Marry

In Next Time I Marry, an heiress can only obtain a multi million-dollar inheritance by marrying an American citizen. Despite being in love with a handsome foreigner, she ties the knot with the first man she comes across – a ditch digger. On their way to Nevada to get a quickie divorce, the newlyweds realize that they’ve fallen in love.

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Stone Pillow

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Synopsis of Stone Pillow

In an effort to understand the plight of homeless women living on the streets, young social worker, Carrie Lange attempts befriending a homeless woman named Florabelle. So begins Carrie’s education in survival on the streets of Manhattan.

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The Fuller Brush Girl (1950)

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The Fuller Brush Girl (1950) starring Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert

Synopsis of The Fuller Brush Girl

 Sally Elliot (played by Lucille Ball) has been engaged to her co-worker Humphrey Briggs (Eddie Albert) for three years; even though they have enough money saved up for a down payment on their dream house, but they don’t make enough for the monthly payments. Until Humphrey is promoted by his crooked supervisor, Mr. Simpson, who plans to make Humphrey the fall guy for a crooked scheme.  

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The Dark Corner

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The Dark Corner (1946) starring Lucille Ball, William Bendix, Clifton Webb, Mark Stevens

Synopsis of The Dark Corner

Some men are drawn to women – some men are drawn to murder. In this captivating story of strange obsession, Kathleen Conley (Lucille Ball) and her boss Brad Galt (Mark Stevens)are caught up in something shockingly different…and terrifyingly dangerous. Galt has a secret so terrible; he might have to kill to keep it. In the midst of their budding romance Kathleen and Galt are being tailed by a heavy-set man in a white suit (William Bendix) and though she doesn’t know why or how strong the threat is Galt does and he is prepared to go to extreme lengths to protect himself.

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Best Foot Forward

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Best Foot Forward (1943), starring Lucille Ball, Harry James

A fun musical, that frequently had me asking, “When is Lucy coming back on screen?” Please understand, that even without Lucy on screen, it’s a fun musical farce.  There are several nice musical numbers and some Wonderful music by the Harry James band.  I was absolutely transfixed by their rendition of Flight of the Bumblebees.  But there’s a definite decrease in the comedy, and in the pace of the film, when Lucille Ball is off-screen. With a few notable examples.

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Lured, starring Lucille Ball, George Sanders, Boris Karloff

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Lured (1947) starring Lucille Ball, George Sanders, Boris Karloff, Charles Coburn, Sir Cedric Hardwicke

Synopsis of Lured

A serial killer in London is murdering young women whom he meets through the personal columns of newspapers. He announces each of his murders to the police by sending them a cryptic poem. After a dancer disappears, the police enlist her American friend to answer advertisements in the personal columns and so lure the killer.

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