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Doris Day, Jack Carson, Lee Bowman, Eve Arden

My Dream is Yours

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My Dream is Yours (1949) starring Doris Day, Jack Carson, Lee Bowman, Eve Arden

In My Dream is Yours, an agent discovers a talented singer who’s also a single mom. He tries to make her a radio star, not expecting to fall in love with her.

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Next Time I Marry [Lucille Ball]

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Next Time I Marry (1938) starring Lucille Ball, James Ellison , Lee Bowman, Granville Bates

Synopsis of Next Time I Marry

In Next Time I Marry, an heiress can only obtain a multi million-dollar inheritance by marrying an American citizen. Despite being in love with a handsome foreigner, she ties the knot with the first man she comes across – a ditch digger. On their way to Nevada to get a quickie divorce, the newlyweds realize that they’ve fallen in love.

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