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Gilligan's Island: The Complete First Season (DVD)

Gilligan’s Island season 1

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Gilligan’s Island season 1 (DVD)

Gilligan’s Island season 1 – Most critics lambasted Gilligan’s Island as low-brow humor.  Most people, however, merely watched it and laughed until their sides ached.  I loved it then and now, and recommend it highly.  This DVD setcontains the first season’s 36 episodes, containing some of the funniest scenes ever to grace the television screen.  The slapstick interaction between the Skipper(played brilliantly by Alan Hale Jr.) and Gilligan (by the late, lamented Bob Denver) rank with the great comedy teams – a modern day Laurel and Hardy.  The Skipper and Gilligan are clowns in the classic sense, and hilarious because of it.  The rest of the cast fit that description as well. And the interactions between any of them are well worth watching.  If I had to pick a favorite episode, I couldn’t; they’re all that good, with so many classic scenes, it’s hard to choose.

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The Strongest Man in the World

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Walt Disney’s The Strongest Man in the World, starring  Kurt Russell, Joe Flynn, Eve Arden, Cesar Romero, Phil Silvers, Dick Van Patten

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In The Strongest Man in the World,  Medfield College science major Dexter Riley (Kurt Russell) and his classmates have been working on a new vitamin compound when a lab accident creates a supercharged mix that ends up in Dexter’s cereal box! After breakfast the next morning, Dexter is transformed, possessing a superhuman strength that levels lampposts and destroys doorknobs. The powerful formula comes to the attention of the college dean and two rival cereal companies, touching off a hilarious chain of events. Ultimate control of the moneymaking formula rides on a weight lifting match between the pitifully small Medfield team and the superior State challengers. It’s a mixture of fun, comedy, and adventure that will have everyone exploding with laughter!

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Sky High

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Sky High — A cute movie about the insecurities of growing up and entering high school — with the added complication of being the son of superheroes.   Teen angst, young love, and high school rivalries are here, in a not-too-serious movie that is aimed at children, but that adults will smile at occasionally as well.

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