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Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey (I Never Knew Any Girl Like You), Music by Albert von Tilzer, Lyrics by Junie McCree, Sung by Judy Garland in In the Good Old Summertime Night time am a-fallin’, everything is stillAnd the moon am a shinin’ from...
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The Pirate [Judy Garland, Gene Kelly]

The Pirate (1948) starring Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Walter Slezak The Pirate is a fun-filled and musical case of mistaken identity when lonely Judy Garland mistakes traveling clown Gene Kelly for a famed Caribbean pirate. But what happens when the real pirate rears his head?
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Babes in Arms

Babes in Arms (1939) starring Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, directed by Busby Berkeley In Babes in Arms, Mickey Moran, son of an old vaudeville-team puts on his own show to avoid being sent with other vaudevillians’ children to a work farm, but that isn’t that easy.
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Everybody Sing song lyrics

Song lyrics to Everybody Sing (1937) Music by Nacio Herb Brown, Lyrics by Arthur Freed, performed by Judy Garland in Broadway Melody of 1938 When the whole world seems wrongJust learn the words of a simple song,Of blue skies above,Be a troubadour and all is love.
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In the Good Old Summertime

In the Good Old Summertime (1949) starring Van Johnson, Judy Garland, S. Z. “Cuddles” Sakall, Buster Keaton Synopsis In the Good Old Summertime is the story of two clerks in a turn of the 20th century Chicago sheet-music store. They’re intensely antagonistic toward each other at work. But...
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Love Finds Andy Hardy

Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938), starring Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Lana Turner, Ann Rutherford Synopsis of Love Finds Andy Hardy In Love Finds Andy Hardy, Andy finds himself the target of a lot of female attention as he prepares for the country club Christmas party. He’d originally wanted...
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