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Devil Girl From Mars (1955) starring Hazel Court, Patricia Laffan

Devil Girl From Mars

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Devil Girl From Mars (1955) starring Hazel Court, Patricia Laffan

The Devil Girl From Mars and her robot come to earth looking for men to take back to her planet to replenish a dying male population. Cult British science fiction movie from the 1950s.

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The Reptile [Hammer horror]

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The Reptile (1966) starring Jaqueline Pearce, David Baron, Nod Willman

Hammer Studios’ The Reptile is a good entry in the “tragic werewolf” genre … With our were-creature being a reptile. A person who the audience actually likes – in human form, at least.

Harry Spalding and his wife Valerie move to an inherited cottage in a small village in the country. Harry’s brother died mysteriously. They are coldly received by the locals… Except for the bartender / owner of a pub Tom Bailey, who welcome them. His weird neighbor Dr. Franklyn, who lives with his beautiful daughter Anna, tries to persuade them to sell the house and leave. But the couple decides to stay. Harry and Valerie find that the locals are being killed by some snake and they feel threatened. Anna asks for help. So, they trespass Dr. Franklyn’s house. There, they find the horrible truth hidden in the place.

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