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Hook, Line and Sinker [Jerry Lewis]

Hook, Line and Sinker (1969) starring Jerry Lewis, Anne Francis, Peter Lawford Synopsis of Hook, Line and Sinker In  Hook, Line and Sinker,  Jerry Lewis plays the part of Peter Ingersoll. He’s an unhappy insurance salesman who’s living the American Dream. Only to be so caught up in...
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Three on a Couch

Three on a Couch    (1966) starring Jerry Lewis, Janet Leigh,  James Best Three on a Couch is a Jerry Lewis comedy that’s both funny and charming.   The basic plot is that Jerry Lewis’ character, Christopher Pride, is an artist who has won a prestigious French art...
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The Nutty Professor

The Nutty Professor (1963) starring Jerry Lewis, Stella Stevens  The Nutty Professor is Jerry Lewis‘ most famous film, and with good reason.   Unlike many of his comedies, this is more than a thin plot for him to hang slapstick on.   The character of Dr. Julius Kelp...
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End of the MDA Telethon

End of the MDA Telethon – A scant 4 years after removing Jerry Lewis as the host of the MDA telethon, the telethon is now going off the air. Quoting from the New York Daily News:
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Li’l Abner [comedy musical]

Movie review of Li’l Abner  — €“ the musical comedy movie, inspired by the Broadway play, that in turn was inspired by Al Capp’s famous comic strip about the inhabitants of Dogpatch
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Jerry Lewis and the Labor Day Telethon for the MDA

Jerry Lewis has been organizing and hosting a Labor Day telethon to help raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) since 1966.  Over the years, Jerry has helped raise over 2 billion dollars.  In fact, Jerry Lewis is one of the few fundraisers who actually brings in more money than pledged. Over...
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