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Hollywood or Bust [Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin]

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Hollywood or Bust (1956), starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Pat Crowley, Anita Ekberg

Synopsis of Hollywood or Bust

In Hollywood or Bust, Malcolm Smith is a star-struck movie fan. With his “lucky feeling” he wins a new convertible in a theater raffle.  But his ownership is challenged by compulsive gambler Steve Wiley, whose forged winning ticket will help him pay off his bookie. Steve regales a lovesick Malcolm with concocted stories about his supposed next-door neighbor, sultry actress Anita Ekberg.  They agree to share the car on a cross-country trip to Tinseltown. Steve is prevented from abandoning his traveling companion on several occasions by Malcolm’s pet dog, a Great Dane named Mr. Bascomb.

They bond over various adventures in New Jersey, Chicago, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. By the time they get to Las Vegas, where they meet the real Anita Ekberg and test Malcolm’s luck with craps, they have acquired a third member of their group, Terry Roberts, an aspiring dancer, who becomes romantically involved with Steve.

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Pardners lyrics

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Pardners lyrics – sung by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in their movie, Pardners

Dean Martin:
You and me we’re gonna be pardners
You and me we’re gonna be pals
You and me we’ll do and dare alike
We’ll share what there’s to share alike
That goes for money, pleasure or gals
You and me will be the greatest pardners, buddies and pals

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Buckskin Beauty

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Song lyrics to Buckskin Beauty, from the movie Pardners, sung by Jerry Lewis

She rides like a feather
She looks good in leather
Her horse is all that she thinks of

But she’s my buckskin beauty, buckskin beauty
The only gal I’ll ever love, love, love.

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