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Max Rose

Max Rose (2013) starring Jerry Lewis, Claire Bloom
Max Rose (2013) starring Jerry Lewis, Claire Bloom Max Rose – Jerry Lewis’ final role as an elderly widower, who has to deal with both his loss, and his suspicions …
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Dormi-Dormi-Dormi song lyrics

Song lyrics to Dormi-Dormi-Dormi (Sleep-Sleep-Sleep), Music by Harry Warren, Lyrics by Sammy Cahn. Sung by Salvatore Baccaloni and Jerry Lewis in Rock-a-Bye Baby. Dormi, dormi, dormi, good night and sleep well, my love,Dormi, dormi, dormi, angels are watching above;Till the dawn on tiptoe steals over your window sill,May...
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Beans [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to Beans. Lyrics by Mack David, Music by Jerry Livingston. Sung by Jerry Lewis and cast in At War With the Army “The Navy gets the gravy, but the Army gets the beans” – a comedy song where Jerry Lewis, on KP duty, complains about the...
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Visit to a Small Planet

Visit to a Small Planet (1960) starring Jerry Lewis, Earl Holliman, Joan Blackwell, Fred Clark In Visit to a Small Planet, space alien Jerry Lewis is curious about humanity. He parks his spaceship in the backyard of a skeptic. They both get a glimpse of a world they’ll never forget!...
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The Old Calliope [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to The Old Calliope, Lyrics by Mack David, Music by Jerry Livingston. Performed by Dean Martin (and Jerry Lewis) in Sailor Beware Editor’s note: So everyone knows: there’s a contention on the proper pronunciation of “calliope”. I’ve heard circus people (and other performers) say “cal-ee-OPE”, while...
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Today Tomorrow Forever [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to Today Tomorrow Forever, Lyrics by Mack David, Music by Jerry Livingston, performed by Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and cast in Sailor Beware Editor’s note: In Sailor Beware, Dean Martin is singing Today Tomorrow Forever as an audition on a radio show. His pal Jerry Lewis...
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Boeing Boeing

Boeing Boeing (1965) starring Tony Curtis, Jerry Lewis, Thelma Ritter Boeing Boeing follows the lives of American journalist Bernard (Tony Curtis) and his competitor Robert (Jerry Lewis) in Paris. To clarify, Bernard is juggling romances with three different women who are stewardesses. And have opposite schedules; Bernard’s “engaged”...
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