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The Fly (1986) starring Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis

The Fly [Jeff Goldblum]

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The Fly (1986) starring Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis

The 1986 remake of The Fly is a very different take on the original story. In both, a young scientist transforms himself into a fly hybrid in an experiment gone horribly wrong. Here, Seth Brundle, a brilliant but eccentric scientist attempts to woo investigative journalist Veronica Quaife. How? By offering her a scoop on his latest research in the field of matter transportation. Imagine Star Trek‘s transporters working in real life … Which against all the expectations of the scientific establishment works! Up to a point. Brundle thinks he has ironed out the last problem when he successfully transports a living creature. But when he attempts to teleport himself, a fly enters one of the transmission booths … And Brundle finds he is a changed man.

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