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Jezebel song lyrics

Song lyrics to Jezebel (1951) written by Wayne Shanklin. The title refers to the biblical Jezebel, a wicked, Baal-worshipping Phoenician princess who ruled Israel as queen to King Ahab.
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I Love Lucy theme song lyrics by Harold Adamson and Eliot Daniel

Unlike many other television show’s theme music, the lyrics to I Love Lucy were not sung at the beginning of the show.  In fact, it was only sung once during the entire television series, in the episode Lucy’s Last Birthday by Ricky Ricardo/Desi Arnaz to Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo/Lucille Ball. There’s a certain couple that...
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Oh, by Jingo – song lyrics

Song lyrics to Oh, by Jingo – words by Lew Brown, music by Al Von Tilzer Performed on the I Love Lucy episode, Mertz and Kurtz In the land of San DomingoLived a girl called Oh By JingoFrom the fields and from the marshesCame the young and oh by...
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Nobody Loves The Ump – song lyrics

Song lyrics to Nobody Loves the Ump, as sung on the I Love Lucy episode, Lucy Meets Bob Hope SafeYou’re outFoul ball Nobody loves the umpHe’s the apple of nobody’s eyeNobody loves the umpAnd I’ll never know , never know why
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Birmingham Jail song lyrics

[Song lyrics to Birmingham Jail, sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford on the I Love Lucy episode, Tennessee Bound] Down in the valleyValley so lowLate in the evenin’Hear the train blowHear the train blow, loveHear the train blowLate in the evenin’Hear the train blow
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Lyrics to Friendship

Lyrics to Friendship from I Love Lucy, words and music by Cole Porter In addition to the I Love Lucy episode Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress, Lucille Ball also performed Friendship in the movie DuBarry Was a Lady, starring Gene Kelly, Lucille Ball, Red Skelton copyright © 1939 by Chappell &...
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