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Never Wave at a WAC

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Never Wave at a WAC (1953) starring Rosalind Russell, Paul Douglas, Marie Wilson

Never Wave at a WAC is a service comedy, focused on two young ladies who join the Women’s Army Corps. One is an entitled daughter of a senator, divorced, and joins the Army to be near her new fiancee. But she’s going to be under the command of her ex-husband. The other is a stereotypical dumb blonde, who wants to be in military intelligence.

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Lost Continent [Cesar Romero]

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Lost Continent (1951) starring Cesar Romero, John Hoyt, Hugh Beaumont, Hillary Brooke


Lost Continent begins when an atomic-powered military rocket is lost in an unexplored region of the South Pacific. An Air Force expedition is dispatched to find it. Searching by air, their plane goes out of control and crash-lands on a strange, uncharted island. Searching for the rocket (to retrieve the flight data) they find a lost world of prehistoric dinosaurs. And vast radioactive uranium fields, powerful enough to cause rockets and planes to go off course. Hope nobody gets any greedy thoughts …

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