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Haunted Honeymoon (1986) starring Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner, Dom DeLuise

Haunted Honeymoon

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Haunted Honeymoon is a spoof of the 1950’s haunted house / comedy movies, where newlyweds Gene Wilder & Gilda Radner spend their honeymoon at his old family home. But …

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Hanky Panky

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Hanky Panky (1982) starring Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner, Kathleen Quinlan

Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner team up to blend their unique brands of comedy in Hanky Panky, a romantic, Hitchcock-style film.

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Silver Streak

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Silver Streak (1976) starring Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Jill Clayburgh

Synopsis of Silver Streak

George is a mild-mannered man on a cross-country train trip aboard the Silver Streak. He becomes embroiled in a deadly adventure when he falls in love with Hilly. She’s a beautiful woman on the verge of exposing art forgers. George must eventually team with a fast-talking criminal in order to outwit villains intending to kill them both

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