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War of the Gargantuas

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War of the Gargantuas (1966) starring Russ Tamblyn, Kumi Mizuno

War of the Gargantuas – a humanoid sea beast attacks the shores of Tokyo. While his brother descends from the mountains to stop him!

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The Bride [Frankenstein]

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The Bride (1985) starring Sting, Jennifer Beals, Clancy Brown, David Rappaport

The Bride is a retelling of Frankenstein – more specifically, it takes the story of The Bride of Frankenstein in a totally different direction. And creates a very enjoyable movie in the process.

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Brain That Wouldn’t Die [cheesy monster movie]

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The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962) starring Herb Evers, Virginia Leith

The Brain that Wouldn’t Die is affectionately known as “Jan in the pan“. It’s the story of a brilliant, weird, unscrupulous surgeon. He’s a genius at organ transplants … So, when he decapitates his girlfriend in an automobile accident, there’s only one thing to do! He puts her head under his arm like a football and dashes back to his secret lab! Once there, he keeps the disembodied head of Jan alive. In a pan of chemicals. Until he can murder a beautiful woman to transplant her head onto! What could possibly go wrong?

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Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein

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Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein (2004) starring Vincent Perez, Parker Posey, Thomas Kretschmann

Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein is a re-imagining of the Frankenstein story. It sets up the creature as the protagonist. With the aid of two honest cops, he’s trying to stop Dr. Frankenstein. Frankenstein is planning on destroying humanity, to replace them with his “improved” creations.

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House of Dracula

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House of Dracula (1944), starring John Carradine, Onslow Stevens, Lon Chaney Jr., Glenn Strange

Synopsis of House of Dracula

In House of Dracula, Wolf Man (Lon Chaney, Jr.) & Dracula (John Carradine) beg Dr. Edelman (Onslow Stevens) to cure them of their killing instincts. But Dracula schemes to seduce the doctor’s nurse.

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