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Cowboy From Brooklyn [Dick Powell]

Cowboy From Brooklyn (1938) starring Dick Powell, Pat O'Brien, Priscilla Lane, Ann Sheridan, Ronald Reagan
Cowboy From Brooklyn (1938) starring Dick Powell, Pat O’Brien, Priscilla Lane, Ann Sheridan, Ronald Reagan In Cowboy from Brooklyn, singing cowboys are satirized in this story about a city crooner on a dude ranch. Once he’s discovered by a talent agent, he has to pretend to be an...
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Shuffle Off to Buffalo [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to Shuffle Off to Buffalo (1932) lyrics by Al Dubin, music by Harry Warren, as performed in 42nd Street Peggy Sawyer (Ruby Keeler): Now that we have had the rice and flowers The knot is tied I can visualize such happy hours Right by your side...
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42nd Street

42nd Street (1933) starring Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell, Warner Baxter “You’re going out there a youngster, but you’ve got to come back a star!” The film that launched the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals, 42nd Street traces the creation of a Broadway show from its first casting call...
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I’m Goin’ Shoppin’ with You song lyrics

I’m Goin’ Shoppin’ with You song lyrics – performed in Gold Diggers of 1935 – music by Harry Warren, Lyrics by Al Dubin Sung by Dick Powell to Gloria Stuart. This is a montage of scenes of Stuart shopping for everything from lingerie to jewelry. Much to the dismay...
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Gold Diggers of 1935 [musical]

Gold Diggers of 1935, starring Dick Powell, Alice Brady, Gloria Stuart, Dorothy Dare, Hugh Herbert, Frank McHugh Synopsis of Gold Diggers of 1935 A socialite is bamboozled into producing a stage show in her home in this amusing musical starring Alice Brady and Adolphe Menjou.
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Meet the People (1944)

Meet the People(1944) starring Lucille Ball, Dick Powell At its’ heart, Meet the People is a musical romantic comedy, where shipyard worker William ‘Swanee’ Swanson (played by Dick Powell) has written a patriotic play about the American worker during World War II. Actress Julie Hampton (played by Lucille Ball) is hired...
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