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The Five Pennies lyrics

The Five Pennies lyrics - sung by Danny Kaye in the movie The Five Pennies to his daughter, as a lullaby
The Five Pennies lyrics – written by Sylvia Fine, performed in The Five Pennies starring her husband, Danny Kaye This little penny is to wish on And make your wishes come true This little penny is to dream on Dream of all you can do
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Bongo, Bongo, Bongo lyrics

Lyrics to Bongo, Bongo, Bongo (also known as Civilization) as sung by Danny Kaye and the Andrews Sisters — and now known to the current generation from the  Fallout video game
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Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Here Comes Peter Cottontail (1971), starring Danny Kaye, Vincent Price, Paul Frees Editorial review of  Here Comes Peter Cottontail courtesy of Amazon.com  Have you ever wished for a classic Easter special to show your kids? Here Comes Peter Cottontail is a Rankin & Bass production that bears a...
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