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The Art of Buster Keaton

The Art of Buster Keaton, an 11-disk set by Kino
Editorial Review of The Art of Buster Keaton, courtesy of Amazon.com  Buster Keaton was arguably the cinema’s first modernist, an old-fashioned romantic with a 20th-century mind behind a deadpan visage. His films brim with some of the most breathtaking stunts and ingenious gags ever put on film, all perfectly engineered...
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The General

The General (The Ultimate Two-Disc Edition) Product description of The General courtesy of Amazon.com  NEWLY MASTERED IN HD FROM A 35MM ARCHIVE PRINT STRUCK FROM THE ORIGINAL CAMERA NEGATIVE THE NUMBER 18 GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME (AFI 100 YEARS… 100 MOVIES) Consistently ranked among the greatest films ever...
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The Buster Keaton Collection

Editorial Review of The Buster Keaton Collection, courtesy of Amazon.com  The Buster Keaton Collection presents three of the first films (one, The Cameraman, a near masterpiece) Keaton made for MGM beginning in 1928, an arrangement that gradually ushered the great comic actor and director into the sound era but ultimately deprived...
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Our Hospitality

Product Description of Our Hospitality, courtesy of Amazon.com  Our Hospitality – Like his 1926 film The General, this elaborate historical comedy broadened the boundaries of slapstick and proved that Buster Keaton was not just a comedian, he was an artist. Keaton stars as youthful dreamer Willie McKay, who travels...
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The Saphead

Editorial review of The Saphead (1920) starring Buster Keaton, courtesy of Amazon.com  In his first starring role (and the film that launched his career), Buster Keaton stars in The Saphead as Bertie Van Alstyne, the spoiled son of a powerful Wall Street financier. Unable to escape the wealth...
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Steamboat Bill Jr.

Product Description of Steamboat Bill Jr. courtesy of Amazon.com  The last of the independent features made in the prime of Buster Keaton‘s career, Steamboat Bill Jr. is a large-scale follow-up to The General, substituting a Mississippi paddle wheel for the locomotive, and replacing the spectacle of the Civil War with...
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Pajama Party

Pajama Party (1964) starring Annette Funicello, Don Rickles, Buster Keaton  In short, Pajama Party  is an Annette Funicello beach party movie.  But in addition to the gyrating young girls in bikinis,Pajama Party adds large amounts of clown-level  zaniness as well. The basic story has 3 intertwining plots – a Martian...
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The Navigator

The Navigator, starring Buster Keaton and Kathryn McGuire  The Navigator is one of Buster Keaton’s best films, and it’s easy to see why.  In The Navigator, Buster Keaton plays the part of Rollo Treadway. He’s a young man who is rich, but without purpose in his life.  He decides to...
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Lost Keaton

Product Description of Lost Keaton  For Buster Keaton, the era of the talkies was a tumultuous time. As a result of signing with MGM, the quality, the quality of his ambitious, eclectic comedies began to decline and in 1934, he signed a contract with Earle W. Hammons Educational Pictures...
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