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The Bride (1985) starring Sting, Jennifer Beals, Clancy Brown, David Rappaport

The Bride [Frankenstein]

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The Bride (1985) starring Sting, Jennifer Beals, Clancy Brown, David Rappaport

The Bride is a retelling of Frankenstein – more specifically, it takes the story of The Bride of Frankenstein in a totally different direction. And creates a very enjoyable movie in the process.

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Alice in Wonderland (1985)

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Alice in Wonderland (1985) starring Natalie Gregory, Sheila Allen, Carol Channing, Harvey Korman, Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Ernest Borgnine, Beau Bridges, Lloyd Bridges, Merv Griffin, Sally Struthers, Donna Mills, Jonathan Winters

Synopsis of Alice in Wonderland

Sometimes she’s too big. Or much too small. Sometimes things are backwards. And there’s always too much pepper in the soup! Nothing is quite right since Alice chased a very unusual White Rabbit and stumbled into an adventure that grows curiouser and curiouser. One of the greatest childhood fantasies ever is captured in Irwin Allen’s colorful, all-star production adapted from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Steve Allen wrote the jolly, witty songs and more than a dozen Hollywood stars join in the wondrous fun. Alice is looking for a way home. And happy to be welcomed into yours.

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Creature, aka. Titan Find

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Creature, aka. Titan Find (1985) starring Stan Ivar, Klaus Kinski, Wendy Schaal, Lyman Ward, Robert Jaffe

Synopsis of Creature

When a mysterious canister is uncovered on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, a dormant, eons-old monster is released, making lunch of both the explorers who discovered it and the rival corporation’s exploration team, which investigates their disappearance.Read More »Creature, aka. Titan Find

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