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Time Walker

Time Walker (1982) starring Ben Murphy, Nina Axelrod
Time Walker (1982) starring Ben Murphy, Nina Axelrod Time Walker – a very different mummy movie, where an unscrupulous technician steals the gems buried with the mummy. Who wants them back! Then…
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Doctor Who – Black Orchid

Doctor Who – Black Orchid (1982) starring Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton Doctor Who – Black Orchid is a short, entertaining Doctor Who story arc. It features the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, involved in a murder mystery. Two of his companions, Nyssa and Teegan, have a large role as...
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The Secret of NIMH

The Secret of NIMH (1982) starring Elizabeth Hartman, Peter Strauss Synopsis of The Secret of NIMH To save her ill son, a widowed field mouse must seek the aid of a colony of very strange rats, to whom she has a deeper link to than she ever suspected....
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The King of Comedy

DVD review of The King of Comedy (1982), starring Jerry Lewis, Robert Deniro  Jerry Lewis‘ The King of Comedy is not the typical Jerry Lewis movie.  It’s not a comedy. It’s not for the children.  It is a very dark comedy (although rated PG). The King of Comedy looks at...
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