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The Beast Must Die

The Beast Must Die (1974) starring Calvin Lockhart, Peter Cushing
The Beast Must Die (1974) starring Calvin Lockhart, Peter Cushing In The Beast Must Die, a wealthy hunter invites eight individuals to spend the weekend at his rural estate. He has a hidden motive, however. He believes that one of them is a werewolf. Which intends to track...
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From Beyond the Grave

From Beyond the Grave (1974), an Amicus Productions horror anthology From Beyond the Grave is an anthology of four horror stories from Amicus. The thread connecting the four is an antiques dealer, played by Peter Cushing, who sells something in each of the stories.
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Scream of the Wolf [Peter Graves, Clint Walker]

Scream of the Wolf (1974) starring Peter Graves, Clint Walker, In Scream of the Wolf, a writer tries to convince a big-game hunter to come out of retirement. He needs his help to help track down a killer wolf. Some begin to suspect that it isn’t a wolf...
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Godzilla vs. Megalon (1974)

Godzilla vs. Megalon (1974) Synopsis In Godzilla vs. Megalon, the angry Seatopians send their secret weapon Megalon to destroy Tokyo and eliminate the human race. But Earth still has a chance when the sleeping Godzilla is rudely awakened.
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Madhouse [Vincent Price, Peter Cushing]

Synopsis of Madhouse In Madhouse, after suffering a nervous breakdown, a washed-up horror-film actor agrees to do a TV-series based on his old screen creation, the monstrous “Dr. Death.” Soon the cast and crew of the series begin dying in mysterious ways.
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Mame, starring Lucille Ball

Mame (1974) starring Lucille Ball, Bea Arthur, Robert Preston Synopsis of Mame Lucille Ball stars in Mame.  Mame is a film of the blockbuster Broadway musical. It tells the story of the flamboyant, unconventional and, above all, glamorous Mame.
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Harry and Tonto movie review | starring Art Carney

Movie review of Harry and Tonto, starring Art Carney, in his Academy Award (best actor) winning role as Harry, a retired teacher in his seventies living in an area of New York City where he and his deceased wife raised his children – where he’s lived all his...
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