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Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes, starring Charleton Heston, Roddy McDowell
Planet of the Apes (1968), starring Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowell Synopsis of Planet of the Apes In Planet of the Apes, Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowall star in this legendary science fiction masterpiece. Astronaut Taylor crash lands on a distant planet ruled by apes. And they use a primitive race...
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Finian’s Rainbow

Finian’s Rainbow (1968) starring Fred Astaire, Petula Clark, Tommy Steele, Keenan Wynn Fred Astaire sang and danced his last musical lead in Finian’s Rainbow, director Francis Ford Coppola’s movie of the 1947 Broadway hit. Astaire plays an Irish rogue who plants a stolen crock of leprechaun gold in...
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The Green Slime [science fiction monster movie]

The Green Slime (1968) starring Robert Horton, Luciana Paluzzi, Richard Jaeckel, Bud Widom, Ted Gunther Astronauts unwittingly bring a green slime from an asteroid back to their space station. When exposed to blood, it grows into red-eyed tentacled monsters that quickly multiply and threaten to spread to Earth.
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The Crimson Cult [Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee]

The Crimson Cult (1968), aka. Curse of the Crimson Altar, starring Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Mark Eden, Virginia Wetherell, Barbara Steele, Michael Gough Synopsis of The Crimson Cult In The Crimson Cult, Robert Manning is searching for his missing brother. He visits the remote country house where he was last...
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With Six You Get Eggroll [Doris Day] [Brian Keith]

With Six You Get Eggroll (1968) starring Doris Day, Brian Keith Synopsis of With Six You Get Eggroll In With Six You Get Eggroll, Abby McClure, a widow with three sons, and Jake Iverson, a widower with a teenage daughter, begin dating and eventually decide to get married....
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Oliver! (1968) starring Mark Lester, Ron Moody, Oliver Reed, Shani Wallis, Jack Wild Synopsis of Oliver! Musical version of Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” adapted from the stage hit, 1968 Best Picture Oscar.
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Witchfinder General [Vincent Price]

Witchfinder General (1968), aka. The Conqueror Worm, starring Vincent Price, Ian Ogilvy, Rupert Davies Description of Witchfinder General In Witchfinder General, a 17th-century British witch hunter during the time of Cromwell’s reign travels the English countryside.  Doing his dirty work for the strict purpose of lining his pockets. Completely...
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Never A Dull Moment

Never A Dull Moment (1968), starring Dick Van Dyke, Edward G. Robinson, Dorothy Provine Product description for Never a Dull Moment  There’s magic in the memories as great Disney moments are captured right here for you and your family to enjoy. Welcome to the world of Jack Albany — New...
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The Shakiest Gun in the West

The Shakiest Gun in the West (1968) starring Don Knotts, Barbara Rhoades  In short, The Shakiest Gun in the West is a very funny Don Knotts movie. Set in the American Old West, Don plays the part of Jesse W. Haywood, a recent graduate from Dentistry school. He is going...
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