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King Kong Escapes

King Kong Escapes (1967) starring Mie Hama, Rhodes Reason, Linda Miller, Hideyo Amamoto
King Kong Escapes (1967) starring Mie Hama, Rhodes Reason, Linda Miller, Hideyo Amamoto King Kong Escapes is, in fact, one of the cheesiest monster movies of all time — with special effects by Rankin-Bass. No, seriously. It’s enjoyable, cheesy fluff that doesn’t take itself very seriously, which is a good thing. The...
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Divorce American Style

Divorce American Style (1967), starring Dick Van Dyke, Debbie Reynolds, Jason Robards Synopsis for Divorce American Style  After 17 years, things have got too predictable and stale. They argue, they visit a marriage counselor, Richard (drunk) visits a prostitute. They split up. After meeting other people, they are re-united...
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Caprice (1967) starring Doris Day, Richard Harris, Ray Walston, directed by Frank Tashlin Synopsis of Caprice  In Caprice, Doris Day plays Patricia Fowler, a spy hired to work undercover at a cosmetics company to discover a new formula that the firm is planning to market. But it soon transpires makeup is not the...
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The Big Mouth

The Big Mouth (1967) starring Jerry Lewis, Del Moore, Charlie Callas Synopsis of The Big Mouth, starring Jerry Lewis In The Big Mouth, Jerry Lewis plays the role of Gerald Clamson. He’s a bank examiner on vacation who, while fishing, catches a frogman.  The frogman, who coincidentally is...
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Prehistoric Women

Prehistoric Women (1967) – Hammer Films Hammer Films, having made  One Million B.C., had all of these leftover sets — what to do with them? Make a very campy, rather silly, “Cavegirls in trouble” film, of course. It’s campy in the style of the 1960’s  Batman TV series,...
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Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book

Walt Disney’s classic animated movie, — ‘The Jungle Book‘, based on the stories by Rudyard Kipling, featuring the adventures of Mowgli, an orphan boy raised by wolves, who has to be taken to the human village to protect the wolf pack from the wrath of Shere Khan, the...
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I Dig Rock ‘n’ Roll Music [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to I Dig Rock ‘n’ Roll Music (1967), written by Paul Stookey, James Mason and Dave Dixon “I Dig Rock and Roll Music” is a 1967 song by the American folk group Peter, Paul and Mary, written by Paul Stookey, James Mason and Dave Dixon.
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He Love Me [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to He Loves Me, music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, as performed by Dionne Warwick Oddly, He Loves Me was originally “She Loves Me”, from the musical of the same name.
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