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Boeing Boeing

Boeing Boeing (1965) starring Tony Curtis, Jerry Lewis, Thelma Ritter
Boeing Boeing (1965) starring Tony Curtis, Jerry Lewis, Thelma Ritter Boeing Boeing follows the lives of American journalist Bernard (Tony Curtis) and his competitor Robert (Jerry Lewis) in Paris. To clarify, Bernard is juggling romances with three different women who are stewardesses. And have opposite schedules; Bernard’s “engaged”...
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Village of the Giants

Village of the Giants (1965) starring Tommy Kirk, Beau Bridges, Ron Howard, by Bert I. Gordon In Village of the Giants, delinquent teenagers ingest a substance and grow thirty feet tall. They then proceed to take over a small town. And dance. A lot.
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Two on a Guillotine

Two on a Guillotine (1965) starring Connie Stevens, Dean Jones, Cesar Romero In Two on a Guillotine, the daughter of a deceased stage magician must spend a week in a haunted house to receive her inheritance. Romance & mystery follow.
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I’ll Take Sweden

I’ll Take Sweden (1965), starring Bob Hope, Tuesday Weld,  Frankie Avalon,  Dina Merrill In I’ll Take Sweden, Bob Hope will do almost anything to keep his impressionable teenage daughter (Tuesday Weld) from marrying her lazy boyfriend (Frankie Avalon), even if it means moving to Sweden.  But then he...
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Die, Monster, Die

Die, Monster, Die (1965) starring Nick Adams, Suzan Farmer, Boris Karloff, Freda Jackson The title, Die, Monster, Die is very misleading and the movie is much better than the title, or the movie poster would lead you to believe. It begins with a young man (Nick Adams) visiting a...
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Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors

Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors (1965) starring Peter Cushing, Neil McCallum,  Christopher Lee, Roy Castle, Max Adrian, Donald Sutherland Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors was Amicus’ first attempt at an anthology of 5 horror stories, with a very good framing device. The entire film takes place on a...
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She (1965) starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Ursula Andres Set in Palestine in 1918 “She“, relates the story of three wartime buddies — Major Horace Holly (Peter Cushing), Leo Vincy (John Richardson) and Job (Bernard Cribbons), who at the end of the war find themselves in the Middle...
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Spaceflight IC-1

Spaceflight IC-1 (1965) starring Bill Williams, Norma West, John Cairney, Linda Marlowe Spaceflight IC-1 seems to be about mankind’s first attempt at interstellar colonization.  It also appears to be an attempt at mutiny that goes wrong.  Both of those are true, but only on the surface.  The movie is actually about life...
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