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Sherlock Holmes: The Woman In Green (in Color)

Sherlock Holmes: The Woman In Green (1945) starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Hillary Brooke, Henry Daniell
Sherlock Holmes: The Woman In Green (1945) starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Hillary Brooke, Henry Daniell The Woman in Green is a very enjoyable Sherlock Holmes murder mystery. There are serial murderrs, with the corpse having been mutiliated. Who’s behind it? Why?
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Captain Kidd [Charles Laughton]

Captain Kidd (1945) starring Charles Laughton, John Carradine, Randolph Scott, Gilbert Roland, Barbara Britton, Henry Daniell In this unhistorical account, Captain Kidd is already a clever, ruthless pirate when, in 1699, he tricks the king into commissioning him as escort for a treasure ship from India.
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Life with Blondie

Life with Blondie (1945) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake After Daisy chases a neighbor’s cat up a tree, a reporter finds out that Daisy has been voted the Navy’s pin-up dog …. And the article he writes leads to Daisy becoming a celebrity.
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Voice of the Whistler

Voice of the Whistler (1945) starring Richard Dix, Lynn Merrick, James Cardwell Voice of the Whistler is an interesting mystery story. Unfortunately, it’s rather slow paced. Also, the ending is somewhat predictable.
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The Frozen Ghost [Inner Sanctum Mystery]

The Frozen Ghost (1945) starring Lon Chaney Jr., Evelyn Ankers The Frozen Ghost is a film noir mystery film directed by Harold Young. It is the fourth of the six “Inner Sanctum” mystery films. Cross the wax museum horror genre with hypnosis gone wrong, and you get this...
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Dead of Night [horror anthology]

Dead of Night (1945) starring Mervyn Johns, Sally Ann Howes, Michael Redgrave Dead of Night is a very interesting anthology of horror stories. An architect arrives at a house, meets a group of strangers … And he knows all of them, from a recurring dream. It turns out...
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Gaslight (1944) starring Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman, Angela Lansbury In Gaslight, after her aunt is mysteriously killed, Paula (Ingrid Bergman) is sent to Italy to receive opera training. Being charmed by Gregory Anton (Charles Boyer) she falls in love and they move in together in London. Soon Paula...
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Movie Quotes from The Picture of Dorian Gray

Movie Quotes from  The Picture of Dorian Gray – an excellent adaptation of the classic novel, starring George Sanders,  Hurd Hatfield, Angela Lansbury, Donna Reed, Peter Lawford Lord Henry Wotton (George Sanders): If I could get back my youth, I’d do anything in the world except get up...
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