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Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943) By: The Masked Reviewer

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

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Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943) By: The Masked Reviewer

The movie begins on a full moon in a graveyard, with two grave robbers robbing Larry Talbot’s tomb. Too bad werewolves don’t die. Larry wakes up in a hospital 40 miles away, with a severe head injury. He later escapes the hospital to find the infamous Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein, only to find out that the doctor had died, but his monster hasn’t.

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Thousands Cheer

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Thousands Cheer (1943) starring Gene Kelly, Kathryn Grayson

Thousands Cheer is a  musical romance, set in the U.S.A. during World War II.   The first half of the movie deals with Kathryn Roberts (played by Kathryn Grayson). She’s a  concert singer who is retiring from the stage to work on putting on shows for the Army, to help morale.   This is also designed to let her bond with  her father, an Army colonel. Whom she hasn’t seen since she was a baby, after her parents’ divorce.  

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Bataan (1943) starring Robert Taylor, Desi Arnaz

Bataan“ is a World War II movie of a desperate delaying action. It’s remembered as Desi Arnaz’ best dramatic role

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Whistling in Brooklyn [Red Skelton]

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Whistling in Brooklyn (1943) starring Red Skelton, Ann Rutherford, Rags Ragland

Movie review of Red Skelton’s third, and final, appearance as Wally Benton, aka. The Fox, a radio personality and amateur detective. In this installment, The Fox is still trying to marry his fiancee. But he’s on the run from the police after being blamed for the murders of the mysterious “Constant Reader”. Danger and comedy in equal parts, with an appearance by the Brooklyn Dodgers as well!

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I Dood It [Red Skelton, Eleanor Powell]

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movie review of I Dood It! (1943) starring Red Skelton, Eleanor Powell, directed by Vincente Minelli

 The movie I Dood It! is a musical comedy, dealing with a romance between two unlikely people – stage star Constance €œConnie € Show (played by Eleanor Powell), and pants presser at a hotel Joe Renolds (played by Red Skelton), with lots of comedy and musical numbers in-between.

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Du Barry Was A Lady, starring Red Skelton, Lucile Ball, Gene Kelly

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Du Barry Was A Lady (1943) starring Red Skelton, Lucille Ball, Gene Kelly

The basic plot of Du Barry Was A Lady is interesting. Hat check man Louis Blore (Red Skelton) is in love with nightclub star May Daly. (Lucille Ball) May, however, is love with a poor dancer (Gene Kelly). But due to her parents’ poverty wants to marry for money. When Louis wins the Irish Sweepstakes, he asks May to marry him. She accepts even though she doesn’t love him. Soon after, Louis has an accident and gets slipped a doctored drink (meant for Gene Kelly). He dreams that he €™s King Louis XV pursuing the infamous Madame Du Barry (Lucille Ball).

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